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 Заголовок сообщения: The importance of materials to prevent injuries when playing
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Since 2000, tennis has changed a lot with the incorporation of new materials that have made it play at a different speed.

Behind an injury there is often a change in material or behind the change in material there is an injury. That is why you have to choose the materials well, taking into account factors such as time, age, weight and their quality to prevent injuries.

The racket
Within diversity we always have to choose Osimert 80mg (Osimertinib) the right racket. The appropriate size is usually medium and the weight also has to be appropriate for each player. Greater attention must be paid when choosing it in children who weigh little.

Choose the grip carefully in terms of hand size. When holding the racket, the index finger must fit between the tips of the fingers and the heel of the hand.

Use appropriate grips, especially for athletes prone to elbow or wrist injuries.


The development of materials allows us to play with rackets that produce few vibrations. It is advisable to use anti-vibrators on the string because it is also a source of injury prevention.

The cordage
The choice is essential and there are different types. Before we chose gut string because it is more flexible and elastic, but today, with the introduction of synthetic strings, there is more variety to choose the one that best suits you.

String tension is important. We must change the mentality of high tension strings. Use string tensions consistent with playing style and physical ability. The appropriate tension is 20, 21, 22 kilos.

The gauge of the string is very important. The thinner the string, the more it breaks, but the quality is better. The vibration it receives and the ease of playing is superior.

Any change in the string can be a source of injury and controlling it also means prevention.

The ball

In the Professional, Junior and Children's Circuit, it must be given a lot of importance because it is currently the greatest source of injury pathology and that is why it has to be the greatest source of prevention. You should never play with very worn balls.

It is a fundamental piece for practicing tennis, therefore, it is of great importance to know how to choose it well. First of all, we must choose the sole based on the surface on which we are going to play. The heel should cover and provide protection so that friction injuries do not occur and prevent ankle sprains.

It is advisable to have a heel to avoid muscle overload and not put pressure on the Achilles tendon.

Another important issue is where the toe of the shoe flexes and lateral stability to avoid injuries.

The shoe has to adapt to the person's foot, neither too big, nor too small, nor just right. Because anything that is compression can cause injuries and anything that is sliding can also cause shock and injuries to the nails and toes.

Choose it well so that it is comfortable, that it has a good support area, an air chamber and, above all, that it is stable.

The dressing
Go out dressed warmly if it is cold on the track and if it is hot, make sure it is in the best conditions. Avoid going out with cold muscles, especially in winter. It is advisable to go out warmly and take off clothes as you warm up.

White t-shirts are preferable as they absorb less sun rays and create less heat.

It is important that the shirt has good breathability. Wear breathable clothing that promotes sweat evaporation.

It should be spacious, comfortable and adequately allow movements within a tennis court that are very continuous and very variable.

Osicent 80 mg (Osimertinib)

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